1. I met with our farmer group in Cortes, Honduras this weekend to profit share, taste some chocolate, and plan for our next shipment of beans.
    This was one of the most meaningful moments from my trip to Honduras. The farmers gathered in a circle and asked to pray for our company.

  2. San Pedro Sula market- breakfast.
    The view of the cloud forest outside of the presentation site in San Pedro Sula. There is something quite peaceful and awe inspiring about the clouds so low.
    This is urban poverty in San Pedro Sula on the way to the farms. Remember that half of the population of Honduras lives on less then $1 per day.
    Kyle and I with Fermin and Fermin - they are not related but work together to run this farm.
    Some of the guests were cocoa producers, government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, and TechnoServe staff members.