1. San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador - September 2014


    Vitaliano (from the front of our bar) and I on his cocoa farm today at a profit share meeting. I’ve been visiting him for over 8 years.


    Yoga before business. Me with my Del Tambo, Ecuador farmer friends in the cocoa trees this morning.


    The Del Tambo farmers made me a chocolate bar!


    Our Del Tambo beans right out of the pod just now.


    Comparing our current batch to one made 7 years ago is a perfect example of how Direct Trade gives us a perspective that buying beans from brokers would not allow.


    I spent time with our lead farmer, Vitaliano Saravia, at his farm yesterday.

    Del Tambo, Ecuador is known for their oranges. Can’t believe I’ve not had one until today.

    Container ship. Guayaquil Ecuador.


  2. Riding through the cloud forest in Ecuador.



  4. Chocolate tasting


  5. Bean grading


  6. Vitaliano. What would we do without him?
    Grading the cocoa beans.

  7. We picked farmer Vitaliano up on the way to Del Tambo which is in the clouds in the distance. Rice is growing in the foreground and is about 8 days from harvest.
    View out of my new found hotel room.
    Beans drying. It is important to keep them moving and uniformly dry. We don't want them to mold and they have to be a very specific moisture content when they ship.